Book Inspired Studio Bridal Session – Raleigh NC

July 13, 2022

Every once in awhile an idea will come into my head and I can’t get it out. I had this image in my mind for months and when Revive Yosoul released this new dress it all came flooding down my thoughts. I knew exactly how I wanted the set to look like so I gathered different pieces from local antique stores and friends to make this vision come to life.

I wanted to embody all the beauty that books can bring into our lives throughout the years into this session. All I could think was a quote from a Brazilian writer that said:

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

Fernando Pessoa

Life has been hard these last few years and books can take you wherever you want to go. While everything was shut down due to the pandemic and you couldn’t leave your house, books could take you to Paris in the 1950s, New York in the 90s, anywhere you wanted to go.

When I brought this up to Aileen she didn’t even think twice before saying yes. Aileen has been associating with me for a while and I am beyond grateful photography brought me a friend like her.

Scroll down and I hope these pictures take you on a journey just like books do.